Actuarial Internship Program

Program Overview

The WellPoint Actuarial Internship Program allows students to gain valuable experience in the actuarial career field as well as in a dynamic health care environment. Students will get the opportunity to work on real-time project work alongside a mentor and other actuarial colleagues.


  • Interns are assigned a mentor who will serve as an informal guide
  • Students will have the opportunity to present their projects to senior leadership via “Project Presentation” in person and through live video conferencing
  • Students conduct real-time work in a team setting alongside actuaries that possess various levels of experience
  • Mid and final evaluations will provide two-way feedback and opportunities to discuss future employment interests

Candidate Qualifications

Successful candidates typically possess:

  • Current enrollment in an accredited college or university (typically as a sophomore or junior)
  • High GPA (or a combination of experience and GPA)
  • Participation in an actuarial science, math, or statistics program
  • Commitment to the actuarial career (participation in an actuarial club, math associations, attendance at actuarial conferences, etc.)
  • Adaptability - heath insurance is not a static industry so we look for people who are comfortable with change
  • Rapid learning ability - health insurance is complex and demands the ability to ask the right questions to get results
  • Ability to articulate why they want to be an actuary within the healthcare industry
  • Effective teamwork and written/verbal communication skills


It is not required that you have passed an exam to participate as an actuarial intern, however, we like to know that you plan on taking it or will be sitting for one during the school year.

Reasons to Consider an Actuarial Career in a Health Care Environment

  • Stability - the aging population creates a strong push for new talent and innovation, and health care will continue to be a high-profile industry
  • Opportunity – you will be helping to shape our country’s history by finding ways to make health care affordable and more valuable to the public
  • Diversity - we place strong emphasis on attracting diverse candidates because we know that a workforce that reflects the people it serves is better equipped to understand and solve their unique challenges

Timeline and On-campus Events

  • Fall (Sept/Oct) - look for information sessions and on-campus interviews through your career center. If you do not see your campus listed, please apply to the job through our careers site by typing “Actuarial Intern” in the keyword search field
  • Check actuarial club e-mails for upcoming jobs and opportunities
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