Our Culture

There's something truly unique going on at WellPoint. Everywhere you look, you'll find smart, passionate people dedicated to helping others and making a positive impact within the health care industry.

We encourage associates to be innovative, disciplined and socially responsible. We do more than just believe in our values, we live them every day in the workplace. And, we take joy in recognizing those who lead by example - in the office, and in the community.

We thrive on teamwork and collaboration. We work together with each other, and with the people we serve, and we make a real difference - one individual and community at a time.

Innovation, integrity, stability and opportunity are all here, along with the resources of a forward-thinking industry leader - you should be too. In fact, if these things are important to you, there's no better place to find yourself than right here at WellPoint.

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Developing Our Associates

Video Transcript

I often find myself feeling empathetic towards members needs and situations and I believe that it is difficult not to in our role as customer service advocates. We are there on behalf of the members.  We are there to serve them and their needs.

I also picture myself many times on the other side of the phone and there’s been many times where I’ve needed assistance.  I’ve called a place and I wasn’t able to get the customer service that I wanted. So I always put myself in the role and position and consider myself as the customer and then consider how I would like to be treated in that situation.

I would say that it is challenging to spend the majority of the day on the phone.  But at the same time the satisfaction comes from the fact that you have helped so many individuals by being their first point of contact with Wellpoint. You do get a great deal of satisfaction knowing that today you’ve taken fifty calls and have helped fifty individuals with their health insurance.

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